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brainstrust became a part of our lives very suddenly towards the end of 2010. Bob became ill suddenly and we were given the life changing news. Bob is 29 and is otherwise fit and healthy - with a wife and baby this was devastating news. This is where brainstrust came in, they offered advice and information to Bob and his wife as well as other members of his family. They have been a tremendous contact for us all, just knowing someone else is there that can say "I know how your feeling" or "Let's have a cup of tea and chat" has been a lifeline.

As a family and family based business we wanted to show our support by helping brainstrust in their mission against Cancer of the Brain. Our aim is to help another families who have been steered onto the same path as us by increasing awareness and information about the charity.

We have different events planned and as they happen will update our page, if you would like any further information, please contact k.baker@vrltd.co.uk, if you would like to make a donation please feel free.

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To find out more about brain tumours please download the attached pdf

About Brainstrust...

brainstrust is an Isle of Wight based brain cancer support charity that operates across the UK. Borne of personal experience gained through battling, and beating, brain cancer, brainstrust works to empower people with brain tumours to take control of their situation so that they too can achieve the best possible outcome for their circumstances.

As it is, brain cancer is an unrecognised clinical problem. It is one of the most lethal human diseases; only 32% of people diagnosed with brain cancer will be alive at the end of the first year following diagnosis. At five years this drops to 14%. Brain cancer is also the most prevalent form of solid tumour in children and the most common cause of cancer death in them.

  • supports patients and their families
  • works with hospitals to secure care pathways for patients
  • campaigns and advocates on behalf of the brain tumour community


Registered Charity No 1114634

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